Hi, I'm Maria

I am a Yoga Teacher and a Graphic Designer. I love spirituality and creativity!
I started teaching Yoga in 2014 and I have loved the opportunity to share with others the practices that have brought light and purpose to my life.

I was born in Colombia and I moved to Sydney in 2005, in Sydney, I studied and worked in Graphic Design for over 6 years – This was a very important time in my life as it was the time when I questioned life and my purpose in the world. This is the time when I started a spiritual search.

I looked for answers in spiritual books, meditation courses, yoga classes and in a 3 months trip to India.  The books gave me the inspiration to continue my search, the meditation showed me that the answers where in me, the yoga classes opened me up to follow my call and in India I became a 200hr certified Hatha Yoga Teacher.

In the process to find more of my own light, shedding the old was necessary, I had to let go of what was not resonating with me – friends, relationship, believes and fear to be able to create a life that could support me in my spiritual journey.

In my returned back to Australia, everything started to fall into place to live the life I wanted to live. I found myself teaching group classes at yoga studios, corporate and private classes, as well as teaching my own courses, workshops and retreats. I have met beautiful and real teachers in my journey, and I keep learning and studying Yoga. I have over 700 hours training, and I am fully committed to my spiritual practice.

My practices are based on the teachings of my beautiful guru Shaktiananda Ma – I found her over three years ago after my long search and desire to find a spiritual guide.   

I am here to help and support you in your own journey inwards; to come back to connect with yourself and discover the wholeness and love that exists within you.I want to help you re-awaken your inner wisdom and find clarity in your purpose through yoga and meditation practices.

My teachings are grounded in the tradition of Hatha Yoga and I humbly honour and acknowledge it’s deep and ancient philosophy.I honour the traditions while awakening the true potential of each individual in the modern world we live in and our modern lifestyles. 

Kind Words

Each and every one of Maria’s classes leaves me feeling so grounded and full of joy. Maria’s amazing energy, beautiful spirit and inspiring practice is truly magical. She really is a sunshine in human form!
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Maria’s immense experience and her genuine commitment to developing the practice of yoga is inspiring and enlightening. Her classes are an invitation to start your own journey and reconnect to your true self. She also demonstrated a deep spiritual understanding of yoga and taught me the real purpose of asana practice and introduced me to pranayama.
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Maria’s depth of knowledge and connection to the practice of yoga shines through in her classes and teaching. Her wealth of experience means that you feel both supported and extended throughout your practice. Her kind, gentle and calm manner ensures that you feel comfortable and gives you the space to move inwards in a safe environment.
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